Did you know?

Over 2 million blogs are written every day

Over 60 million businesses use business pages on Facebook, brands post an average of 8x per day each

Over 66,000 Instagram posts per minute

278,000 tweets per minute

571 websites are created every minute

The internet is swarming with all sorts of content. And these numbers won’t stay like this, they’ll just keep growing and growing and growing.

But don’t stress! The key to standing out from the masses and attracting your ideal client(s) is to be clear about the purpose of your business - online and offline.

This is where copywriting comes in to play. A good copywriter will be able to pick out your unique selling position and create copy that truly stands out and appeals to your target audience.

In the interest of saving money you’ve probably assigned your own copywriting or content creation to yourself a time or two. It just happens that way. Writing content is usually the first thing people ‘DIY’ - and that’s perfectly fine - but if we were sitting across from each other in a coffee shop and I were to ask you “hey, do you like what your website says about your business? Do you think it’s doing a good job of selling your product or service?” What would you say?

If your answer is some variation of “no” or “it’s not” let’s get a coffee for real and figure out how we can fix that. Ready to get started?